-: Love: Unfolding in Layers :-

♥ Straight From Heart ♥

It was another day waiting at the bus stop,

People came by and buses stopped;

But she remained still, waiting for her heartthrob,

Amid the sounds of silence; her thoughts clogged!


It’s been a while since they saw each other,

She was scared for her unknown relation to wither;

Still capsized in hope, she waited then and there,

Until he came flashing his personifying glare!


Seeing him coming, she smiled in ecstasy,

It was like a dream turning into reality;

Until that boy stopped at a distance,

Only to see her in a strange reluctance!


What she saw, she couldn’t believe,

Failed to find a reason to perceive;

That boy hugged a girl in a blue tee,

And she thought, they are the lovers’ wannabe!


She cursed herself for not conveying her feelings,

And thought if her incisions had any healing;

But she stood composed and smiled in mourning,

And took the next bus, not knowing where it’s going!


Locked herself in…

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“Rooh par naqsh-e-lazawaal ho tum,
“Ab khayalon mein ik khayal ho tum,
“Tumary jesa koi nahi dekha,
“Tum ho anmol bemisal ho tum,
“Mujh ko pagal bana diya tum ne,
“Ishq ka keisa yeh kamal ho tum,
“Tum muhabbat ho Aarzo ho meri,
“Meri is zindagi ki dhaal ho tum,
“Sari duniya ko jeet loon jis se,
“Paas mere ek aisi chaal ho tum,
“Tumhary dum se hi piyar zinda hai,
“Mere maazi ki talash mera haal ho tum…!!

-Maira kashif