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Image Source A simple sentence has the power to trigger a mind in making uncountable judgements about my character. A sentence that can either make you love me or loathe me. I am a feminist. The moment this sentence is uttered from my lips, people are quick to judge in certain ways. One would […]

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-: Love: Unfolding in Layers :-

♥ Straight From Heart ♥

It was another day waiting at the bus stop,

People came by and buses stopped;

But she remained still, waiting for her heartthrob,

Amid the sounds of silence; her thoughts clogged!


It’s been a while since they saw each other,

She was scared for her unknown relation to wither;

Still capsized in hope, she waited then and there,

Until he came flashing his personifying glare!


Seeing him coming, she smiled in ecstasy,

It was like a dream turning into reality;

Until that boy stopped at a distance,

Only to see her in a strange reluctance!


What she saw, she couldn’t believe,

Failed to find a reason to perceive;

That boy hugged a girl in a blue tee,

And she thought, they are the lovers’ wannabe!


She cursed herself for not conveying her feelings,

And thought if her incisions had any healing;

But she stood composed and smiled in mourning,

And took the next bus, not knowing where it’s going!


Locked herself in…

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